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Claims against beauty therapists salons

If you’re looking for information and legal advice about how to make claims against beauty therapists salons, you’re in the right place. Injuries caused by beauty treatments can occur in hair and beauty salons, spas and other types of clinic, but if the business has failed in its duty of care to keep you safe, you could be awarded compensation.

We know how distressing it can be if you’ve suffered a beauty treatment injury due to the negligence of a beauty salon, whether it’s a chemical burn, allergic reaction or scarring. Personal injury claims of this kind are more common than you would think. However, to increase your chances of securing compensation, it’s important to seek expert advice from a specialist in beauty treatment claims.

Here at Beauty Treatment Claims, we help those who have suffered an injury or psychological distress due to something going wrong with their beauty salon treatment. We’re a nationwide claims company, supporting countless clients over the years to make successful beauty accident claims. We offer a no win no fee claims service.


Introduction to Beauty Treatment Injury Claims

You’ll have probably seen promotions for road traffic accidents solicitors and accidents at work claims. However, did you know there are specialist solicitors who can help you with beauty salon negligence claims?

The beauty industry is a fast-growing sector, contributing billions of pounds worth of products and services to the UK’s economy. The beauty treatments you can access cover a broad range of services, from laser hair removal and eyebrow tattooing to dermal fillers and chemical peels. Many of us regularly visit our local beauty salon for a variety of treatments to look and feel better about ourselves. However, there are always risks that come with putting ourselves in the care of others.

Unfortunately, there are situations which could lead us to receive a beauty treatment injury, leading to pain and suffering, physical damage and a loss of confidence. These types of injuries occur more than you would think, whether it’s a chemical burn, you’ve suffered an allergic reaction to a tint, or the results are poor. If this has happened to you, you may wish to get in touch with solicitors or lawyers specialising in beauty treatment injuries.

How Do Beauty Treatment Injuries Happen?

When visiting a beauty salon, treatments will often be carried out using methods which involve some form of risk. This includes the use of high temperatures, chemicals, dangerous equipment or invasive techniques such as those used for eyebrow tattoos. Unfortunately, much of the beauty industry is still unregulated, which means health and safety standards can vary from salon to salon, and the chance of negligence is higher than in regulated industries.

If your beauty therapist doesn’t have the right training or experience to perform the treatment, there is a serious risk of personal injury to the client. This could occur through a lack of information about possible side effects, ineffective consultations, improper use of equipment or a failure to perform a patch test.

Beauty treatment injuries occurring to the skin and hair can be very distressing and painful, and could take a long time to heal. Just like those who experience an avoidable injury in a healthcare setting may put in medical negligence claims, you can also sue a beauty salon if they’ve caused you harm due to negligence.

However, it’s always important to receive legal advice about your case, giving you a better idea about your chances of winning your beauty treatment compensation claim.

beauty treatment claims, eyebrow procedure

Types of Beauty Accident Claims

There are many different types of beauty accident claims thanks to the broad range of beauty treatments and cosmetic surgery services available and the various accidents that could occur from these. Common injuries caused by beauty treatments include allergic reactions, burns, scars, infections, blood-borne diseases, blisters, cuts and bleeding, disfiguration, hair loss, sight loss and psychological trauma. Take a look at more information below.

Chemical Burns

Many beauty treatments use products containing potentially harmful chemicals to get the desired effect. However, this comes with risks to the skin, eyes and mouth. A chemical burn injury can range from superficial to severe, with symptoms including redness, irritation and burning at the site of contact. This type of injury can be serious if not treated, and a medical professional will assess the extent of the injury and treatment plan.

Some of the most common beauty treatments that could result in this type of burn include those which use hydrogen peroxide, sodium peroxide or ammonia, found in many types of hair dye or hair treatments. If you’ve suffered a burn injury after this kind of treatment, contact our team.

Dermal Fillers Claims

Dermal fillers involve a cosmetic procedure that injects fillers into the face. The aim of the beauty treatment is to add volume to specific areas such as the cheeks while filling out wrinkles and smoothing fine lines. If things go wrong, the consequences could be severe, including infections, lumps under the skin, displacement of the filler and scarring. There have even been cases of the dermal fillers blocking facial blood vessels, causing permanent blindness. If there was any negligence from the beauty practitioner, we could help you make a claim.

Lip Fillers Claims

Lip fillers use hyaluronic acid injections to give fuller, plumper lips. However, there are risks involved, and negligent practice could result in severe injuries, such as infections, scarring and allergic reactions. The way they look may also cause distress, including irregularities, lumps and differences between the lips. If you think you’ve had a poor experience due to beauty therapist negligence, get in touch for claims advice.

Botox Claims

Botox is a drug made from a toxin that’s used to help temporarily smooth fine lines and wrinkles with the injections usually given around the eyes and eyebrows. It can also be injected in other areas of the body, including the jaw, neck and armpits. While this is a highly popular treatment, things can go wrong, leading to issues with eating and breathing or even facial disfigurement. If you think you have a claim, contact our team.

Microdermabrasion Claims

Microdermabrasion such as Bloomea treatments use a device with an abrasive surface to renew facial skin tone and texture, exfoliating with tiny crystals sprayed on the surface. While it’s considered a non-invasive cosmetic procedure, accidents and injuries can occur. The risks of this are increased if there is inadequate safety precautions in place, improper handling of the microdermabrasion device, lack of hygiene or the incorrect setting is used for the client’s skin. This could result in eye injuries, hyperpigmentation of the skin, pain or infections. If you think you have a claim, contact our team.

Eyebrow Tattooing Claims

Gaining the perfect eyebrows is something many people strive for with the beauty sector seeing a rise in semi-permanent treatments such as microblading. This treatment uses a tattooing technique to add coloured pigment to the skin using a fine needle. While often a semi-permanent makeup treatment, permanent scarring to the skin, serious infections and poor quality outcomes could occur if the beauty professional doesn’t have the right training. Some clients also suffer an allergic reaction to the pigment. Eyebrow tattoos could also be completely different on both sides, which is embarrassing and distressing for the client. If you think you have a claim, contact our team.

Allergic Reactions – Tint & Hair Dye Claims

When any type of chemical product is used such as hot waxing, hair dye treatments or eyelash tinting, a patch test should be carried out. While most beauty professionals understand the importance of this, it’s not always completed, failing to detect if a client is likely to have an allergic reaction to the dye, wax or tint. This could result in severe skin reactions. With eyebrow and eyelash tinting, it could even result in the areas swelling up and becoming infected. If you’ve suffered a beauty salon injury after a patch test should have been carried out, you could claim compensation.

Other Beauty Accident Claims

Some of the other common types of beauty salon accident claims include:

  • Claims after blistering from beauty treatments
  • Claims after cosmetic surgery (including rhinoplasty)
  • Laser hair removal injury claims (e.g. laser hair removal burns)
  • Hot wax injuries and other burn injury claims
  • Negligence claims after piercing or tattoo injuries
  • Personal injuries from sunbeams claims
  • Cosmetic dental negligence claims
  • Claims for tear trough filler injuries
  • Claims for derma roller injuries
  • Micro-needling injury claims
  • Anti-aging injectables claims
  • Dermatology injury claims
  • Thread lift injury claims
  • Chemical peels injury claims
  • Nail enhancement injury claims
  • Tanning booth injury claims
  • Mole removal injury claims
  • Accident at work claims for beauty salon staff
  • Accident at work claims for spa staff
  • Other personal injury claims


What to Do If You’ve Suffered a Beauty Treatment Accident

Always seek medical help as soon as possible if you’ve suffered injuries caused by a beauty treatment. However, to help support any case for injury compensation claims, you could:

  • Take photos of any physical injuries caused by the beauty treatment (keep samples of damaged hair if you can)
  • Keep a record of appointments and medical help sought for the injury
  • Note down any key information to help with your injury claims case, including dates, times and beauty technician names, keeping your receipts safe.
  • Ensure you see your doctor if you have ongoing issues
  • Contact our accident claims advice service for support with securing beauty treatment compensation. Request a call back at a more convenient time if you’d prefer

How Much Compensation Could I Get If My Beauty Treatment Negligence Claim Is Successful?

If you’re claiming special damages after beauty treatments have gone wrong, you’ll probably want to know how much injury compensation you could secure. If your beauty treatment negligence lawyer thinks your case will be successful, you can often receive between £3,000 to £9,000 for a moderate injury, but this figure could be £90,000 or above if your injuries are permanent. However, it’s not as easy as using a claims compensation calculator – your case must be reviewed by an expert to give you a better idea about how much you could receive.

Chances of Success with Negligence Claims

Suing beauty salons isn’t easy without specialist support and advice to support your claim. At Beauty Treatment Claims co uk, we take on cases on a no win no fee basis, so there’s no financial risk to you if you lose.

However, we’ll always review your case first to see whether we think you have a claim with a chance of success. There are several factors which could make this more likely, including the evidence collected and whether beauty treatment negligence can be proven in the eyes of the law. For example, we would need to prove that there was carelessness on their part or the right precautions weren’t taken. Even if you signed a waiver to say you understood the risks involved, this does not excuse negligent practice.

It’s our job to understand where the negligence occurred and present it in legal terms for your claim.

beauty treatment claims, skin procedure

How Beauty Treatment Claims Can Help You – No Win No Fee

Beauty treatments are supposed to be a source of pampering, improving how you feel about yourself. Nobody should be left with avoidable beauty treatment injuries due to carelessness or negligence from a beauty salon clinician. It can cause severe distress, physical pain and injury, or even lead to a loss of earnings. If you’d like to claim for damages, contact us to access our no win no fee service.

We’re the beauty treatment injury claim experts, helping countless clients with our dedicated service for beauty accident claims. If you’ve suffered from physical or psychological distress due to beauty salon negligence, we want to hear from you. We’ve supported our clients to make this type of medical negligence compensation claims for many years, always acting with empathy and understanding of such a difficult situation.

How We Work – What Happens Next?

If you’d like help to make a claim against a beauty salon or therapist on a no win no fee basis, the next step is to get in touch. You can do this by phone, email or filling out our claims contact form.

Once you have done this, we will review your claim, passing your details onto our specialist personal injury legal team, who will call you back for a no-obligation discussion. They can also offer an accident claims consultation via email if you’d prefer.

After your initial beauty injury claim consultation, if you decide to proceed, the next steps include:

  • Our accident claims lawyers will produce a case plan for you
  • Accepted personal injury claims will be offered no win no fee terms
  • Our beauty treatment accident lawyers will contact the beauty salon or clinic and their insurance company to see if a resolution can be agreed. Proceeding to court will be a last resort for all claims
  • If court proceedings are necessary, please rest assured that we have access to highly experienced barristers, lawyers and doctors to help build a successful claim

Whichever way your compensation claim proceeds, we’ll offer guidance and support throughout whenever you need it. If you’d prefer a female solicitor when you get in touch, just let us know.


Get In Touch Now to Make a Claim

At Beauty Treatment Claims co uk, if you’d like to claim compensation from a beauty therapist, salon or clinic, we can put you in touch with our specialist lawyers who have years of experience dealing with this type of claim.

To make a claim, you can freephone us now on 0800 141 3682, contact us from a mobile on 0333 202 6560 or email Alternatively, make a claim using our contact form. Simply fill out your name, email address and telephone number, as well as a brief description of your personal injury claim. Please leave this field empty if you feel uncomfortable explaining through the form.

You can also upload photographs using this form if you have them, but again, please leave this field empty if it isn’t possible.

Support and advice is just a phone call away for all beauty accident claims.

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