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If you’re looking to sue beauty therapist salon business, the experts at Beauty Treatment Claims are here to help. We’ll support you to make a claim and guide you along the beauty treatment injury claims process. You should never feel like you’re heading into a legal case alone. That’s why we make our beauty treatment accident claims service as accessible as possible, offering advice, support and representation on a no win no fee basis.

Beauty treatments should be something chosen to improve how you feel, pamper yourself or relax, but unfortunately, things can go wrong. If you want to make a beauty salon negligence claim due to pain, suffering or injuries caused (including permanent scarring), it’s important to get the right legal advice before starting your injury claim.

If you’d like to access specialist no win no fee solicitor services for beauty treatment injuries, get in touch with our advisors. Our expert team offers nationwide services, ensuring we provide England and Wales with some of the best beauty treatment claims services available. Your compensation claim could be worth thousands.

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Before heading into the beauty treatment injury compensation process, you’ll probably want to know more about what you can expect. We’ve put together the following guide to give you more information. However, please get in touch with our compensation claim service as soon as possible so that an expert can provide you with a free case review.

What Are Beauty Treatment Personal Injury Claims?

The UK beauty industry is booming, with an ever-growing list of treatments available. This includes anything from eyelash and eyebrow tinting, to laser hair removal treatments, chemical peel treatments, spray tanning and many more. There’s often a lot of focus in the media around car accident claims and medical negligence, but did you know there are lawyers who specialise in claims for injuries caused by beauty salon treatments? If you make a successful claim, you could secure thousands of pounds worth in compensation, which can even be tens of thousands if the injuries are permanent.

Because the aim of beauty treatments is often to alter or improve something about appearances, this comes with risk, especially where specialist equipment, chemicals and high heats are involved. A beauty salon injury could cause burns, allergic reactions, scarring or disfigurement. Even if you sustained less severe injuries, it may still leave you feeling low, withdrawn and low in confidence. If you’ve suffered emotional trauma or had a physical injury caused by beauty salon negligence, it’s important to seek beauty treatment claims co uk advice as soon as possible.

If you’d like to sue the beauty salon, spa, clinic or beauty technician, you must prove there was negligence that occurred. Beauty business owners and managers have a duty of care to keep customers and clients safe and protected from injuries while at their salon or clinic. They are bound by the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and other relevant parts of the law, including the control of substances. So, while the beauty industry is much more unregulated when compared to other sectors, there is still a duty of care that businesses must put in place.

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What Are the Risks of Receiving Beauty Treatments?

We’ve all made the mistake of believing that when we enter into a professional business, they know what they’re doing and have put everything in place to keep us safe. It’s often very hard to tell the difference between one beauty salon’s practices to the next. After all, you haven’t gone there to scout out their health and safety procedures, but to feel pampered or improve something about the way you look and feel. As customers, we trust that every salon technician has the right professional training and experience to perform whatever treatment we’ve asked for.

Unfortunately, the beauty sector is largely unregulated, which means the chance for negligence to occur while you’re at a beauty salon is high. It can be complicated trying to prove that the treatment provider was at fault for the injury you sustained, but you’ll often have an instinct about whether things were done properly while you were there and if something has gone wrong. It’s the business’ job to make sure you’re aware of potential side effects and to ensure their staff perform services to the highest professional standards.

Beauty treatment injuries can affect your skin, eyes, hair or mouth, so many of our accident claims have understandably involved distressing, stressful or upsetting situations. Beauty treatment injuries can even happen in places you would normally trust, such as a cosmetic dentistry practice or medical clinic. Therefore, this type of injury claim may even come under the umbrella of medical negligence.

How Much Compensation Is My Injury Claim Worth and Do You Have an Online Compensation Calculator?

If you want to make a claim, you may be wondering how much compensation you could qualify for. Unlike many road traffic accident or other types of accident at work claims, this is more complex than simply using a compensation calculator like you see on other websites. Your beauty injury compensation is going to depend on whether we can prove there was negligence, the type of injury you sustained and any long-lasting damage. The more proof we have that the injuries caused were due to negligence by the salon or clinic, the better your chances of success.

However, as a general figure, treatments which caused moderate injuries may be worth anything between £3,000 and £9,000, but permanent injury compensation could be worth up to £90,000.

What Is Beauty Salon Negligence?

Unfortunately, there are many ways a beauty salon or professional could act in a negligent manner when performing beauty treatments. This includes:

  • Poor preparation of products: If beauty products are not prepared in the correct way, it could raise the risk of a beauty treatment injury occurring. This could be caused by too little time allocated for the appointment, inappropriate product combinations, over-processing, the chemical concentration being too strong, or there’s been poor or inadequate training
  • No allergy testing: Any type of beauty treatment requiring the use of strong chemicals should have a patch test completed about 48 hours beforehand to assess for allergic reactions. A small amount of the product will be applied to the client’s skin, and if adverse reactions are seen, such as redness, irritation or inflammation, the treatment should not go ahead. Unfortunately, many beauty salons do not use patch tests every time they should do
  • Improper use of equipment: The tools and equipment used for beauty treatments can be highly dangerous if not used carefully and correctly. This includes sharp tools which could cut the skin, faulty equipment or those which use high temperatures. If used in an unsafe way or not as per instructions, it could cause a number of minor to severe injuries, including burns (e.g. from laser hair removal, laser skin treatments or chemicals), electric shocks, scarring, cuts or broken bones
  • Incorrect techniques: The techniques used must be the recommended methods. Otherwise, it could even cause poor quality results that leave clients in distress. The right safety precautions should always be put in place, including protection for eyes and skin while performing treatments in delicate areas
  • Insufficient client consultations: Every client should have a consultation before a beauty treatment to determine if there are any risk factors which determine they shouldn’t have the procedure. It also gives the client the chance to hear about any possible side effects of the beauty salon treatment. If there was a failure to carry this out, and it led to an avoidable personal injury, you may be able to successfully claim compensation
  • Poor training: The negligence experienced is often down to poor staff training or a lack of information, meaning the beauty treatment injury could have been avoided. Remember, even if you signed a waiver to say you understood the risks involved, the salon or clinician must still not act negligently. If they did, you may be eligible to make a compensation claim

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Different Beauty Injury Claims

Because there are so many different types of beauty treatment injuries, the list of compensation claims we see is endless. This is thanks to the huge number of beauty treatments on offer across the sector.

Some of the most common injuries we get claims for include chemical burns, laser hair removal accidents, cuts and scarring, blistering, hair loss, damages to the eyes, emotional distress and more. Here’s an in-depth look at some of the beauty treatments that may cause these injuries and the types of compensation claim cases we receive.

Injury Claims after an Allergic Reaction

Allergic reactions are one of the most common types of beauty treatment injury claims as it’s often clear whether reasonable measures and processes were in place to reduce the chances of this occurring. That’s because it’s known what may cause an allergic reaction, including chemicals used for different treatments. Usually, a simple patch test performed at least 24 to 48 hours prior to the beauty treatment determines whether the product is safe to use on a client’s skin.

Most beauty salons should understand the importance of performing patch tests to pick up allergic reaction signs early, whether it’s a red patch left on the skin or itchiness felt by the client. It’s shocking how much this process still doesn’t occur in the beauty industry, leaving customers with avoidable beauty treatment injuries.

The type of beauty products which leave this type of injury can be anything from a hair dye or eyelash tint to pigments used for eyebrow tattooing. The injuries often occur to the skin around the eyes, eyelashes, hair and scalp. It may leave the client with hair loss, a chemical burn injury, scarring, pain or even blindness.

If you want to claim compensation after suffering an allergic reaction due to salon negligence, contact us.

Injury Claims after Dermal Fillers

Used to create fuller lips or fill out wrinkles, dermal fillers are a highly popular in beauty salons. The fillers are injected into localised areas of the body where they’re needed, including the cheeks and lips.

Problems with lip fillers and dermal fillers are often caused by the filler not being injected deeply enough, unlicensed products being used or the treatment is carried out by a professional not qualified to do so.

Unfortunately, the injuries can vary from patient to patient if there was negligence. Dermal filler treatments that have gone wrong are usually characterised by scarring, nerve damage, localised inflammation, loss of vision or infections. The filler could even get displaced to another area of the body, which may require surgery to remove it.

If you’ve suffered pain, distress or an injury as a result of a negligent dermal filler treatment, find out how much compensation you could claim by calling our beauty accident claims line now.

Microdermabrasion Injury Claims

Another beauty treatment which could lead to injury claims if something goes wrong is microdermabrasion. This type of beauty treatment is a cosmetic procedure using fine crystals and vacuum technology to exfoliate the skin. Microdermabrasion can be used across many different areas of the body, including the face, hands, neck and back, with the aim of leaving skin feeling smoother, softer and more youthful. It’s also used to reduce some visible minor scarring and reduce fine lines.

Microdermabrasion treatments are applied topically rather than invasively like some other services such as Botox injections. However, this doesn’t mean that it doesn’t come with its risks. If the microdermabrasion equipment is misused (e.g. carried out on the wrong setting) or adequate safety measures aren’t in place, it could cause an injury to the client.

Beauty treatment injuries left by microdermabrasion can vary, but one of the most common issues is hyperpigmentation scarring, which can sometimes be permanent in the most severe cases. Other injuries include skin infections, eye injuries and pain caused by sore skin.

If you’ve received a personal injury caused by a microdermabrasion treatment, call us to speak to our salon injury claim team today. Find out how much compensation your case could be worth.

Chemical Peel & Chemical Burn Injury Claims

When any type of product is applied to your skin or hair during beauty treatments, the chemicals used could cause a burn if proper care is not taken. Chemical burns will vary in degrees and can affect several parts of the body, including the eyes, hair, skin and even internal organs if the product was ingested.

How severe an injury you sustain from the chemical burn will depend on how long the chemicals were present on your skin, whether the chemical entered any cuts you had, the speed at which the burn was identified and treated, and the strength of the chemicals used in the product. Mistakes made by the salon when mixing products (such as hair dyes and tints), improper training and failure to adhere to safety measures could cause an accident to occur.

Chemical peels can also leave lasting injuries. This treatment is usually applied to the face to remove dead skin cells and stimulate the growth of new ones. It aims to leave your skin tone more even and reduce age spots. Unfortunately, if the salon fails in its duty of care to keep a client safe during the chemical peel treatment, it could lead to injuries such as permanent skin damage, scarring or discolouration.

If you’ve sustained injuries caused by beauty chemical peels or chemical burns, call us now to claim compensation.

Botox Injury Claims

Botox refers to beauty treatments which involve the use of botulinum toxin injections, which are administered directly into neuromuscular tissue. Multiple injections are given per treatment, given in vertical lines to treat areas such as frown lines and crow’s feet.

While Botox is a highly popular treatment that’s often very safe when carried out by a qualified practitioner, there has been a rising number of cases where things went wrong, leading to compensation claims. In most cases, the injections do as they’re supposed to, but if they’re administered incorrectly, it can have severe consequences for the client.

Difficulties experiences from botox can include facial disfigurement and scarring, breathing issues and struggles with how you eat. These problems can occur if the beauty technician wasn’t trained well, the professional didn’t have the right qualifications or the product used wasn’t licensed in the UK.

If you’ve suffered a beauty treatment injury after your Botox treatment went wrong, get in touch with our no win no fee negligence claim team.

Eyebrow & Eyelash Treatment Compensation Claims

One of the most common types of beauty treatment injury claims is for those involving the eyelashes and eyebrows. It’s a growing industry thanks to the range of different enhancement available, leaving eyebrows looking fuller and eyelashes looking longer and more visible.

Two of the treatments which lead to a client receiving a beauty treatment injury include tinting and microblading. Reaction to tints could cause damage to the existing eyelashes or eyebrow hairs, and swelling around the eyes. Microblading also uses a pigment to tattoo the eyebrows, so could cause multiple injuries, including skin reactions, scarring and infections. While less severe than a painful injury, emotional upset could also be caused if the results meant the eyebrows were significantly different on each side.

If you want to make a no win no fee claim after a beauty treatment injury to the eyelashes or eyebrows, contact our negligence claims compensation team.

Other Beauty Treatment Injury & Accident Claims

While the above injuries are some of the most frequent types of beauty treatment claims we receive, there are many others which we can provide free legal advice for. If you think there was negligence at the beauty salon, clinic or any other establishment carrying out these types of treatment, and you were left with an injury, loss of earnings or psychological distress, get in touch. We cover both special damages and general damages as part of personal injury claims.

While the above injuries are some of the most frequent types of beauty treatment claims we receive, there are many others which we can provide free legal advice for. If you think there was negligence at the beauty salon, clinic or any other establishment carrying out these types of treatment, and you were left with an injury, loss of earnings or psychological distress, get in touch. We cover both special damages and general damages as part of personal injury claims.

  • All claims for general damages after pain and suffering was caused
  • Hot wax and other waxing injuries
  • Hair salon negligence claims
  • Tanning salon injuries
  • Nail salon injury claims
  • Accident from electric shocks or broken bones
  • Injuries from laser skin treatments and tattoo removals
  • Special damages after loss of earnings
  • Laser hair removal injuries
  • All types of burn injury
  • Accident at work claims (e.g. an salon staff accident at work claim)
  • Scarring after a beauty treatment
  • Blistering injuries
  • Cosmetic dentistry claims
  • Tear trough treatment injuries
  • Micro-needling accident claims
  • Tattooing and piercing injuries
  • Derma roller injuries
  • Mole removal injuries
  • Injuries from thread lifts
  • All personal injury compensation claims

Even if you can’t see the type of beauty treatment injury on this list, please get in touch. Injuries caused by beauty salon negligence may qualify for compensation.


Before You Make Beauty Accident Claims

The main thing to do after you’ve suffered an injury while at a beauty salon is to receive medical attention as soon as possible. The priority is your health, so it’s vital you get the help you need from qualified medical professionals.

When you want to make a beauty injury claim, check if you’ve done the following:

  • Have you taken photographs of your beauty treatment injury or scarring? This can help your claim. Keep samples of your damaged hair if relevant
  • Keep records of all your appointments, as well as receipts
  • Note down information which will make putting together your legal claim much easier, such as the name and address of the salon, names of anyone involved, as well as dates and times of key events
  • Visit your doctor if you need to
  • Contact us for no win no fee services. We’ll guide you through the next steps of the beauty treatment claim process

Why Choose Beauty Treatment Claims co uk?

In most circumstances, you must make a beauty salon injury claim within three years of the incident happening, although there are some exceptions to this. Seek advice as soon as you can to see whether your claim may be successful.

Why choose us?

  • EXPERIENCED: We’ve been supporting our clients to make successful beauty treatment injury claims for many years. We understand what a distressing time this can be for you, so we’ll guide you through the compensation claim process to take much of the stress away from you
  • NO WIN NO FEE CLAIMS: When you choose Beauty Treatment Claims as your dedicated solicitor service to claim compensation against a beauty salon, there’s no financial risk to yourself. This is the easiest way to get the free legal advice you need to make a claim
  • STEP BY STEP PROCESS: We keep things simple by offering a clear step by step process so that our clients always understand what the next steps are in the injury claims process

Nobody should suffer as a result of any injuries caused by the negligence of others, so we’re here to support you if you feel this has happened to you. We tailor all advice to your individual circumstances, whether we think your claim could be successful or not.

How Does It Work? Our Step by Step Process to Make a Claim

When you contact us, you probably want to know more about how we work and what happens next. Here’s our step by step guide to explain more.

  1. Get in touch to make a claim
  2. We’ll review your claim details
  3. If you have a strong case, we’ll pass the details onto our specialist accident claims legal team
  4. They’ll contact you for a no-obligation discussion (can be out of hours if you’re at work in the day)
  5. If you proceed, a case plan will be produced for your claim

Our team will then guide you through the next steps. We’ll always try to settle out of court if possible.


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