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Suing a beauty salon

Are you considering suing a beauty salon? Get in touch with our specialists at Beauty Treatment Claims. Our experts will guide you through the injury claims process, ensuring you feel well informed about what’s happening at each stage. We want to make sure our legal services are as accessible as possible, offering free legal advice, case plans and support, with everything provided on a no win no fee basis.

When visiting a beauty salon, the purpose is usually to get treatments which make you feel good, look better and give you time out of your busy day to relax. However, in such an unregulated industry, things can go wrong. If you’ve suffered an injury due to the negligence of a beauty salon, therapist or another establishment offering these type of treatments, you may qualify for compensation. Injuries include damage caused to your hair, skin and eyes, as well as any loss of earnings or psychological trauma encountered.

Before you make a claim, it’s vital you get the best legal advice to ensure you have a strong case. Just like medical negligence claims, beauty treatment accident claims must prove there was a failure in the duty of care to keep you reasonably safe from harm. At Beauty Treatment Claims, our no win no fee solicitor services are offered nationwide across England and Wales. Your personal injury claim could secure you thousands of pounds worth of compensation.

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Before you make a claim for injuries caused by a beauty salon treatment, you may have many questions about what happens during the personal injury claims process. Below, we’ve put together some FAQs to help make things more straightforward. However, one of the easiest ways to get started is to contact us on our dedicated compensation claims line.

What Is a Beauty Treatment Injury Claim?

The UK beauty industry is thriving, with thousands more beauty products and treatments released each year to take the market by storm. There are beauty treatments available for almost every purpose, whether it’s to make your eyelashes look longer, your skin firmer or to reduce wrinkles and fine lines. Popular treatments include microdermabrasion, dermal fillers, spray tanning, laser hair removal and many more.

Beauty salons and other beauty businesses have a duty of care towards their customers, staff and anyone else visiting their property to keep them safe where it’s reasonably practical to do so. While the beauty sector isn’t well regulated, this doesn’t mean negligence is permitted in the eyes of the law. Practices must still be in place to ensure avoidable injuries are rare.

While a beauty salon is meant to be a place of relaxation and pampering, the treatments don’t come without risk. The results you see often require strong chemicals used in the products, high-temperature equipment and techniques which should only be carried out by a highly trained professional with experience. If something were to go wrong, it may leave a client with scarring, skin damage, sight loss, hair damage (or hair loss) and more. Even in less severe cases where a client wasn’t badly hurt, the psychological distress may leave them low in confidence, withdrawn or depressed. If you suffered beauty treatment injuries caused by professional negligence, contact Beauty Treatment Claims co uk.

While you’ll often hear about cases of medical negligence going to court or see advertisements for lawyers specialising in road traffic accidents, it’s harder to find solicitors with the exact expertise you’re looking for. At Beauty Treatment Claims, we offer legal services for beauty treatment injuries, understanding what’s required for the claims process and how to present your case in legal terms.

Was the Beauty Treatment Injury My Fault?

Many beauty salon customers blame themselves when they’ve suffered an injury from a beauty treatment, but it’s unlikely you did anything wrong. Our personal injury clients have good instincts about whether there was negligence involved, such as not being given the right information or the service provider realising they made a mistake when applying the treatment. Even if you were given information about possible side effects or you signed a waiver, it doesn’t excuse negligence.

This type of personal injury could occur in a variety of settings, including a beauty salon, hair salon, spa, private beauty clinic or even an establishment such as a cosmetic dentistry clinic (e.g. for tooth whitening). Therefore, your claim may even fall under medical negligence if it was carried out by someone on the medical register.

Personal injury claims occurring after a beauty treatment can cover a range of different accidents and damage. This includes injuries which affected your skin, hair, eyes or mouth. Understandably, many of the cases we encounter at Beauty Treatment Claims are upsetting, especially if the injury sustained was permanent. Our advisors will look through the details of your case and if we think you’re eligible to make a claim, we’ll let you know as soon as possible.

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Do You Have a Compensation Calculator I Can Use for My Claim?

Some companies will offer an online compensation calculator where cases are more straightforward, e.g. some types of road traffic accident claims or accident at work claims. However, if you’re looking to successfully secure compensation after a beauty treatment injury, the cases are often more complex. To win your case, you must prove the beauty salon acted in a negligent way, causing your injury. If you can’t prove this in the eyes of the law, you won’t win your injury claim.

How much compensation you can secure is going to depend on multiple factors, including the severity of your injuries, long-lasting effects and the level of negligence involved. In moderate injury claim cases, we’ve seen clients secure up to £9,000. If the beauty treatment injuries were severe and permanent, you could even win up to £90,000.

However, to ensure your case is as strong as possible and presented in legal terms, you must get advice from a negligence claim expert.

How Would a Beauty Salon Act Negligently?

Many of our personal injury clients have good instincts about what caused the treatment to go wrong or why they sustained their injury, but proving that can be one of the hardest parts of any compensation claim. There are lots of ways a beauty salon or clinician could act in a negligent manner, including some of the following.

  • LACK OF PROPER TRAINING: When a beauty salon advertises its services, the only employees who should perform the treatment are those with the right capabilities, training and experience to do so. Unfortunately, many beauty salons still fail in their duty to ensure staff have the right qualifications or provide sufficient training. It only takes one safety precaution to be missed to cause an injury, leading to accident claims against the business.
  • LACK OF INFORMATION: Clients must be given a thorough consultation before any beauty treatment is provided. This allows the clinician to understand the client’s history and any contraindications to having the treatment. For example, some medical or skin conditions could mean you shouldn’t be given certain treatments. Information should also be given to the client about possible side effects. Otherwise, they weren’t adequately informed about the risks involved
  • NO TESTING FOR ALLERGIC REACTIONS: If you suffered an allergic reaction, was a patch test carried out for first-time treatments? This is where you would attend the clinic around 24 to 48 hours before the treatment to have a small amount of the product containing chemicals (e.g. hair dye) applied to your skin. If there is any reaction seen before the treatment, the salon should refuse to perform the treatment. Unfortunately, many salons still fail in their due to carry out patch tests for every treatment they’re required for
  • IMPROPER TECHNIQUES OR EQUIPMENT USE: The equipment and tools used for beauty treatments can be highly dangerous if used incorrectly, so only trained professionals should be handling them. Faulty equipment, incorrect settings or unsafe techniques may cause harm or injury, especially if the right health and safety precautions weren’t in place, such as protecting the eyes or other delicate spots. You might have even suffered a burn injury (e.g. laser hair removal burns) if the beauty technician was careless
  • PRODUCTS PREPARED INCORRECTLY: Products applied to the skin or hair can cause significant harm if not prepared correctly. This includes mixing products which shouldn’t be combined, using too high a strength of the chemicals or leaving products for too long

At Beauty Treatment Claims co uk, when you contact us about personal injury claims, these are some of the aspects we look to prove.

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What Beauty Treatment Injuries Can You Provide Legal Advice For?

Beauty treatment compensation claims cover a broad spectrum as there are so many treatments available, and the number of different risk factors is high. Injuries can occur to the skin, hair, eyes, lips and even internally, such as invasive treatments that involve injections. We have clients who start a claim with us due to sight loss, hair loss, burn injuries, scarring, disfigurement, infections, cuts, bruising, blistering or even emotional trauma.

If you’d like to know more about some of our most common injury claims and accident claims, find out more information below.

Dermal Filler Personal Injury Claims

Dermal fillers are beauty treatments which involve the use of injections to add fillers to areas such as the lips and cheeks. The aim of the beauty treatment is to create a plumper, youthful appearance to define particular areas and fill out wrinkles. Unfortunately, if an untrained professional injects the fillers or an improper technique was used, it can leave the client with issues. This includes nerve damage, scars, localised swelling, sight loss or infections. The filler may even get dislodged and move to another part of the body, requiring surgery to reverse this.

If you’d like to make a claim after a dermal filler accident left you with avoidable injuries or problems, our team can advise you about the next step of the beauty treatment injury compensation process.

Botox Accident Claims

Botox is a frequently used treatment, injecting botulinum toxin directly into the neuromuscular tissue at different sites around the body. The purpose of Botox injections is to reduce lines and wrinkles in particular areas, such as crow’s feet around the eyes.

Only a fully qualified professional should be prescribing Botox for beauty treatments, so when things go wrong, it can leave a client with several issues. This includes facial disfigurement, as well as ongoing problems with eating and breathing difficulties.

If you’d like no win no fee advice for this type of beauty treatment injury call us now.

Microdermabrasion Injury Claims

Another one of the beauty treatments which many clients claim compensation for is microdermabrasion. This treatment works to exfoliate the skin, creating a more even skin tone that’s also smoother and softer to touch. It’s sometimes used to treat minor scars too. It’s vital that only a qualified professional applies the microdermabrasion treatment as it can cover such a large area of the body, including the face, back, chest, neck and more.

While it’s non-invasive, it does involve the use of a microdermabrasion tool which could cause injuries if it wasn’t used in the correct way. This means using the recommended techniques, on a setting suitable for the client’s skin and ensuring health and safety precautions are in place. If anything is missed, the client could suffer a beauty treatment injury which could have been avoided.

The types of injury left by a microdermabrasion treatment which has gone wrong include permanent scarring and hyperpigmentation, infections, painful skin areas and injuries to the eyes.

If you would like to make a compensation claim after injuries caused by a microdermabrasion treatment have left you in pain or distress, contact our personal injury claims team.

Injury Claim for Allergic Reactions

Allergic reactions are one of the most frequently occurring types of injury claims we see. Many of these incidences could have been avoided is the beauty salon or business had the right precautions or safety measures in place. This includes recognising which treatments will be using products where a patch test is advised before use. While it’s often given for a hair dye treatment, many salons don’t use patch tests when there’s chemicals used which the client could react to.

A patch test will show signs of an allergic reaction in the first 24 to 48 hours prior to the treatment. This includes redness of the skin, itching, raised bumps or inflammation in the area. It’s one of the simplest ways to detect a client’s sensitivity to a product. If a patch test isn’t performed, it could leave clients at risk of scarring, pain, hair or eyelash damage, eye infections, sight loss or more.

If you’d like to chat through your case for this type of injury claim, contact us.

Chemical Peel Accident Claims

Chemical peels are another type of personal injury claim we see. This treatment uses chemicals on the face to remove dead skin cells. However, if something goes wrong, it could leave a client with scarring, discolouration of the skin or in a lot of pain. Even if your injuries are less severe than this, we’d like to hear from you.

If you want to make this type of accident claim for compensation, get in touch today for a no win no fee service.

Negligence Claims after Chemical Burns

Chemicals are incredibly strong, so they can cause damage to the skin and hair if misused or improperly prepared for the beauty treatment. One of the worst types of beauty treatment injury you can sustain is a chemical burn.

Chemical burns will differ in severity, depending on how rapidly you receive care, how quickly the burn injury was felt, how strong the chemicals were, how long products were in contact with the skin and the areas of the body affected. Negligence can occur if products were mixed incorrectly, the treatment was left on the skin for too long, or safety precautions weren’t in place. In the most severe cases, this type of beauty treatment injury can be long-lasting, including permanent scarring.

If you’d like to make a compensation claim after a chemical burn injury was sustained due to beauty salon negligence, our team is happy to talk through the details of your case.

More Beauty Treatment Injury Claims

The list of beauty treatment injuries and accident claims is exhaustive. Therefore, don’t panic if you don’t see your specific injury claim or beauty treatment mentioned. The best way to find out if you’re entitled to compensation is to contact our beauty treatment injuries team. We can discuss claiming both general damages and special damages, depending on your circumstances.

Here are some of the other beauty treatments and accident types you may want to claim compensation for:

  • Eyebrow tattooing or microblading accidents (including where eyebrows look completely different each side)
  • Reactions to eyelash tints
  • Burns, blistering, cuts, scarring and bruises
  • Waxing injuries
  • Claims against hair salons
  • Claims against sunbed or tanning salons
  • Laser hair removal injuries (e.g. laser hair removal burns)
  • Nail salon injuries
  • Broken bone injuries
  • Tattoo parlour injuries (including tattoo removals)
  • Micro-needling accident claims
  • Body piercing injuries
  • Electric shocks
  • Medical negligence claims
  • Derma roller injury claims
  • Mole removal accident claim
  • Thread lift accident claim
  • Claims against cosmetic dentistry practitioners
  • Accident at work claims (e.g. salon employees suffering a personal injury)
  • Special damages after loss of earnings (e.g. due to time off work)
  • All types of pain and suffering caused by beauty salon negligence (general damages)
  • Many more!


How Do I Start a Claim?

If you want to start your claim for compensation, we make things really easy with a step by step process. Before you get in touch, it’s always a good idea to gather your evidence ready for us to assess your eligibility. This means taking photographs of injuries (if you haven’t already done so), ensuring you know the dates and times of key events, the names of those involved, medical appointment information you have and any receipts you’ve kept. This will make it easier to assess your case.

When you call our injury claim team, we’ll assess your case details, and if we feel your argument is strong, we’ll pass everything onto our legal team. They’ll arrange a good time to call you about your claim so that they can have a no-obligation discussion with you about what’s happened. If you do decide to go ahead, the next step is preparing your case plan, which we’ll do for you.

Rest assured, we’ll always try to settle out the claim of court if possible, and we can provide a female solicitor if you would be more comfortable with that.

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